The Cannabis Museum

Cannabis Museum educates the public on the mainsteam use of cannabis use in America

Welcome to the Cannabis Museum. Our full time staff curates a collection that has developed over four decades of research, active collecting and archiving. We create fine photography and extensive educational materials designed to inform the public to the use of Cannabis prior to its prohibition in 1937. The collection is made available to researchers from around the globe.  We are currently working to make more of our materials available on line. We support our work by the sale of high quality photographic images on a variety of archival substrates, complimented by contemporary designs and quality custom framing. The museum also designs free standing artifact collections for public interaction. These are site specific and custom made for a wide variety of clients. We continue to receive critical acclaim for the artifact displays we design for award-winning dispensary and medical offices interiors.

Current Exhibits:

The First Golden Age of Cannabis Medicines, 1830 – 1937.

Our first exhibit features 18 photographs that document the widely accepted use of Cannabis medicines in American apothecaries and pharmacies prior to its banishment in 1937. Herbal cannabis and cannabis extracts were in common use for the same indications modern research is confirming them effective today.

The photographs and accompanying descriptions explain concepts such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), toxicity, decarboxylation, tincturing and concentrates. These images tell the specific stories for each preparation in an historically accurate and emotionally neutral presentation.


Joe Brumfield, Electric Sketchbook

Drawing his way through school, Joe became an editorial cartoonist for Marshall University’s student newspaper. He then went on to win a first place AP award in 2012 for his work in numerous editions of southeast Ohio’s Athens Messenger. Joe’s work today is primarily mixed media — combining ink drawings, photographs and freehand, digital application techniques to create his final pieces. Joe’s illustration often derive from the 60’s underground comic scene, cannabis culture, nature, historic photography, music, film, and the work of social justice activists. Joe has been battling limb-girdle muscular dystrophy since his early 20s and has since found cannabis invaluable in arresting the pain and discomfort that come with the disease. Joe spends his days advocating on behalf of medical cannabis patients and researching artifacts and serving as preparator for the Cannabis Museum.


Museum Miscellaneous, New Acquisitions

Explore our latest photography using our new Nikon D810 with a Nikkor Tilt and Shift lens. This is a good view of new Museum acquisitions as well as some images we have taken for fun. All images are available as metal prints, framed photographs or block prints.


Panorama 19

We have also created Panorama 19, a wide print intended to fit over fireplaces, doorways or other places where a 4:1 wide panoramic image works best. This image comes matted and acrylic glazed in a hand finished wood (Your choice of oak or maple) frame The image is also available as a 10” x 40” dye sublimation print on aluminum.


The history of the use of Cannabis as a valued medicine was not lost, it was purposefully hidden. Rarely has a subject been under such a strong taboo. Most museums and historical archives destroyed their Cannabis accessions. The bottles in this collection were saved by a hidden network of controlled substance collectors. Mostly doctors and pharmacists, these specialty collectors keep their cabinets of curiosities private. They, alone, preserved this important piece of our history.

Inside our Museum

vintage cannabis bottle