Our Featured Collection is available in fine art prints

Descriptions and Pricing

The Cannabis Museum collects evidence of the hidden history of human use of cannabis. We
support our work through exhibits and the sale of museum quality photographic prints. These
long-lasting images are designed to inform and educate those new to cannabis and surprise even
the most experienced user. Available as a fine art paper prints, as a dye sublimation print on
aluminum panels or as a durable block prints. We proudly source and manufacture these
products in the United States.

Paper Photographic Prints
Our custom framed, fine art digital prints are produced to museum quality specifications. All
printing is done on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag cotton fiber paper.

The images are printed 12” x 16” and matted with 16” x 20” archival paper mat. We glaze all of
the prints with ultraviolet filtering acrylic to reduce the long term potential of fading. Archival
acrylic is a lightweight, abrasion and break resistant alternative to glass.

Our hand finished picture frames are available in two natural hardwoods, ½” wide and 1 ⅜” tall.
The frames are certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification
ensures that wood products come from well managed and harvested forests that provide lasting
environmental, social and economic benefits.

The American natural maple contemporary profile has a minimal but durable finish allowing the
woods natural beauty to show through.
Maple Framed Print (16”x 20”)  12×18 $219.50 each

A hand finished burnt brown hardwood moulding is the definition of refinement complementing
any environment.
Burnt Brown Framed Prints (16”x 20”) 12×18 $219.50 each

Dye-sublimation digital printing aluminum
We like the clear detail of the dye sublimation prints on aluminum sheet for the difficult to
photograph images of historic glass. Under high heat the digital sublimation image changes from
a solid to a gas, infusing the prepared metal substrate. An advantage of the dye-sub process is
that it produces a continuous tone photograph that recalls the porcelain signs of the early
twentieth century. Light and durable, the fade resistant images should last for generations. They
are an excellent choice for high traffic, public areas, dispensaries and medical offices.

Easy to maintain, they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. A sturdy back support and attached
wire, make hanging simple. With no need for mats or glazing, the metal seems to float an inch
off the wall.

Dye-sub prints are available in 12” x 18” and 20” x 30” inch formats.
Large Dye-sublimation Print on aluminum with back frame 20×30, $279.50 each
Small Dye-sublimation Print on aluminum with back frame 12×18, $137.50 each

Art Block Framed Prints
Art Blocks are produced from the same high resolution image as our other prints, but mounted to
a durable substrate. The optically clear surface lamination means no glass or acrylic to be
concerned with. The Forest Stewardship Council certified oak picture frame holds the image two
inches off the wall for a dramatic presentation.

The small (8” x 12”) or large (12”x16”) images are excellent for group assemblies, and are
favorites for museum visitors.

Small Art Block Print, deep black finish 8×12 $85.00 each
Large Art Block Print, deep black finish 12×16 $105.00 each

Collector Sets
We provide complete sets of our images to museums and private collectors on both paper and
aluminum.Unframed sets of 18 paper 12” x 18” fine art prints presented in an archival art
portfolio, this also includes 100 copies ot the Museum Compendium booklets.

Complete Set 18 Fine Art Prints in portfolio $1000.00 set
18 images on 12” x 18” dye-sublimation aluminum plates, with hanging system, including 100
Museum Compendium booklets.

Complete Set Dye-sublimation Prints 12×18 $3000.00 set
18 images on 20” x 30” dye-sublimation aluminum plates, with hanging system, including 100
Museum Compendium booklets.

Complete Set Large Dye-sublimation Prints 20×30  $5000.00 set

Panorama 19 is a 10” x 40” inch image is available on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag cotton fiber paper
framed to museum specifications. The strong, horizontal image makes a dramatic statement; a range of cannabis products produced by
the pharmaceutical leaders of the early twentieth century.

The cotton paper image is presented with an off-white 3-inch archival mat for an overall dimension of 16” x 46”. The image is glazed
with ultraviolet filtering acrylic glazing to resist long term fading.

The richly finished burnt brown, 1 1/4” wide and 1 ⅜” tall hardwood moulding, the same as
described with our other paper prints, contrasts beautifully with the vintage paper labels and
bottle corks.

The 10” x 40” dye-sublimation print is presented in the same way as our other metal prints, with
a recessed back frame to elegantly float an inch from the wall.

Maple Framed Panorama  16×46 $495.00
Burnt Brown Framed Panorama  16×46 $495.00
Panorama Dye-sublimation Print with back frame  10×40 $279.50