Panorama 19

framed print cannabis bottlesPanorama 19 is a 10” x 40” inch image is available on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag cotton fiber paper framed to museum specifications. The strong, horizontal image makes a dramatic statement; a range of cannabis products produced by the pharmaceutical leaders of the early twentieth century. The cotton paper image is presented with an off-white 3-inch archival mat for an overall dimension of 16” x 46”. The image is glazed with ultraviolet filtering acrylivc glazing to resist long term fading.

The richly finished burnt brownout or natural maple, 1 1/4” wide and 1 ⅜” tall hardwood moulding, the same as described with our other paper prints, contrasts beautifully with the vintage paper labels and bottle corks.

The 10” x 40” dye-sublimation print is presented in the same way as our other metal prints, with a recessed back frame to elegantly float an inch from the wall.

This panorama shows

  1. Wyeth Brothers was founded in 1860 in Philadelphia, PA and bought in 2012 by Nestle.
    Fluid Extract Indian Cannabis, Cannabis Sativa, John Wyeth & Bro., Philadelphia, 4 5/8”


  1. Sharpe & Dohme -1891, was a Merck ( created in 1668) subsidiary and became independent in 1917.
    Abbott’s Alkaloidal Granules, Indian Cannabis, The Abbott Alkaloidal Co. Chicago, IL, 3”


  1. Eli Lilly & Co. -1876, Indianapolis, Indiana Kalamazoo, Michigan.
    Tincture Cannabis Indica, The Upjohn, Pill and Granule Co., Kalamazoo, MI, 3 1/4”


  1. Upjohn & Co. -1886 merged with Pharmacia in 1995 to form Pharmacia & Upjohn.  Upjohn is in part owned by Pfizer. In 1997 Pharmacia & Upjohn sold several brands to Johnson & Johnson.
    Cannabis Indica, Extract, Parke-Davis & Co., Manufacturing Chemist, Detroit, MI, 3/8”


  1. Schueman, Jones Co. -1902 was founded by Edward Schueman in 1902 and was a medical and surgical supply business on 9th Street in Cleveland Ohio. The business caught fire in 1962, but eventually rebuilt. It was purchased by Boston based Health Co. in 1969.
    Fluid Extract, Indian Cannabis, Cannabis Indica, U. S. P., Davis & Co., Detroit, MI, 3 ¼”


  1. Victor’s 1884 – was founded by Dr P. D. Fahrney Frederick, Maryland.
    Tablet Triturates, B&T Quality Cannabis Indica, Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia, PA, 5 3/8”


  1.  American Druggist Syndicate -(1903-05) Long Island, NY
    Fraser’s Tablets 100 Cannabis Indica Extract, The Fraser Tablet Company, New York, 2 ½”


  1. Specific Medicines -Lloyd Brothers Cincinnati Ohio 4 ½ tall
    Cannabis Extract, 100 Gelatin-Coated Pills, Shuemann-Jones Co., Cleveland, OH, 2 ⅝”


  1. Warren Teed – Columbus, Ohio created Children’s Cough (most notable product)
    Homoeopathic Dilution Cannabis Americana, Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia, 5 ½”


  1. H.K. Mulford Company – late 1800’s was purchased by Sharpe & Dohme in 1929 .
    Extract Cannabis Indica, 100 Soluble Pills, Scheffelin & Co., New York, 1 5/8”X1”X3 ½”


  1. Parke-Davis 1866- Detroit Michigan- one time the largest and biggest Rx company was acquired by Warner-Lambert in 1970 and then by Pfizer in 2000.
    Fluid Extract Cannabis Indica, No. 203, 4 oz., Sharp & Dohme, Baltimore, MD, 4 ¾”x 2”x 2”


  1. Boricke & Tafel 1835- “Homeopathic Medicines” now Natures Way.
    Cannabis Extract ¼ gr. No. 467, Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis, IN, USA, 2 ½”


  1. Searle & Hereth -Omaha Nebraska, OH, 4” tall.
    Cannabis, Specific Medicines, Specific Indications, Lloyd Brothers, Cincinnati, OH, 4 ½,
    “Indications: Nervous depression, tendency to melancholia, with wakefulness,
    mental illusions or delusions or forgetfulness”
  1. Cannabis Extract, 100 sugar coated pills, 1 gr. Eli Lilly and Co., Indianapolis, IN, 3 ½”